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Living Room

I was in the living room of a house when my brother was chasing me with a knife. I tried to get out through the front door but it was blocked by a refrigerator. So I tried to get out through the window by breaking it. I did break the window only to find another window under the first one I had just broke. Then I awoke

February 23, 2001


According to your dream, there seems to be some communication problems between you and your brother. The living room is representative of your perception and how you see yourself. However, the way you view your own self may differ from how others see you. The notion that the front door is blocked by a refrigerator indicates that you do not really want to know what people think of you and you do not particular care what others have to say. You have adapted an emotionless facade and a cold attitude. The window is another attempt in which you are trying to see something from someone else's point of view. But your attempt appears to be in vain.

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