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Smell Of Fire

I had a dream last night that I need help with. If you could tell me the meaning, it would mean a lot to me. Here it is: :)

Well, I smelled fire late at about 3 or 4 am. I woke up and went outside for a minute and all my neighbors were standing outside of their houses looking around, because they probably smelled it too. I was tired and had school so I went back inside and fell asleep. 

About an hour or so later I woke up again and walked into the kitchen. There was something on the stove burning (I think it was a pan of popcorn or something) and there were huge flames coming from it. Once I saw the flames I froze. I knew I was supposed to run and get out of the room, but my feet seemed like they weighed a ton and I could hardly move. I was taking like one step every 10 or 15 seconds and I started choking. I doubled over on the floor and then I woke up.

November 21, 2000


It is worth noting that most dream occurs in the REM stage of sleep. In this stage our muscles are actually really paralyzed. We are physically unable to act out our dreams. In your dream, you had perceived a threat. Our natural instincts tell us to flee. In fact, even in the dream state when the brain perceives real danger, it sends commands to the body for it to move. But in the REM stage, the signals for movement gets intercepted. Your legs may feel like lead as you try to run. Thus your inability to run reflects the natural/biological state of your body during REM.

In your case, fire is representative of your emotions which are overwhelming at times. When you woke up the first time from the smell of fire, you didn't really feel threatened. Moreover, you ignored it and went right back to bed. This suggests that you may be neglecting your own feelings and are putting other things (like schoolwork, other people, etc.) ahead of your own well-being and feelings. Thus the second half of your dream seeks to get your full attention. The flames are burning out of control as to parallel a situation that can no longer be avoided and ignored.

Sometimes dreams are literal metaphors. Your dream can be translated as feeling emotionally paralyzed. You are too busy tending to others that you do not have a chance to express and acknowledge your own feelings.

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