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Line Of Fire

Hello found your site while in search for possible meaning to my dream that awoke me with such a startle ......I dreamt that a line of fire ignited on the floor...and it woke me with a jar....I feel frighten please help if possible....

Thank you, 
July 19, 2000

Dear Susan,

Fire has many meanings which can be positive or negative. On the positive side, fire represents passion, transformation, illumination. or purification. On a negative side, fire symbolizes rage, anger, destruction, and pain. Since you indicated that you felt startled and frightened about the dream, then it suggests that the fire symbol had negative connotations for you. You may be feeling an aspect of your life that is out of control and it is "burning" for your attention. This may be the need for you to confront some difficult emotions or a warning that your temper is getting out of hand. The dream seems to be telling you that if this situation, if not dealt with immediately, it may engulf you in flames.

The jarring sensation you felt when you suddenly awoke from this dream may be your body's physiological response to potential danger. Our body has an instinctual, natural and involuntary way of responding to threats in the environment. Also known as "fight or flight", this is the mechanism that awakens and quickly alerts us in response to possible threats in the environment. When you saw the fire in you dream, you may have really believed that there was a fire burning your house down. And thus your body jars you awake so that you are ready to flee the scene.

Best Regards,







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