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Polar Bears

Is there any significance to seeing Polar Bears? 

In a dream, I was with a group of friends preparing to go (snow) skiing. We were pulling on a rope that somehow got lodged in a mound of snow. After tugging hard, we pulled out a polar bear.

Suddenly, I was alone, near a precipice. I heard a loud, fast thumping noise. I turned and suddenly barely (no pun intended) avoided the attack. Unfortunately, there were more bears and before I knew it, my heart was thumping in fear as I tried to figure out how to avoid all the bears. I couldn't see them all, but I knew I was way outnumbered. Suddenly, a polar bear emerged from the water and swiped my feet. I awoke suddenly.

August 28, 2000


Your dream is very telling of your emotional state. The snowy environment that you are in suggests that you may be emotionally cold or indifferent. The polar bear symbolizes some deep and negative emotions that is yearning to be expressed. Bears hibernate. This may be analogous to repressed feelings which have remained quietly in your subconscious. At some point, these feelings are going to "awake" and need to be expressed and confronted. Note how you pulled the polar bear from out of the mound of snow. It is as if you want to reveal and force out what is in your subconscious. At the same time, you are afraid of what you will find.

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