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Filthy Stalls

Hello. I have this dream that I'll be needing to go to the bathroom, so I'm looking for a toilet. I'll go into a bathroom with a lot of stalls and every one I go into is dirty with poop, puke or it is overflowing. 

This dream is very gross and I hate having it. I just recently had this dream and remembered I've had it before a couple of times. Is there any interpretation in this dream. If so thanks for helping!! 

Jennifer F.
February 23, 2001

I have a setting that continues to reoccur in my dreams. The dream itself changes, but the setting is always a large, public restroom. When I go into one of the stalls, I notice that the toilet is very dirty, so I keep trying to find a stall with a clean toilet, but I never do. I have to end up using a toilet that is dirty. Also, the restroom is very large-- 30+ stalls, and very busy. The doors on the stalls are short and do not lock or close well.

Brady C.
September 25, 2001

Both Jennifer's and Brady's dreams of needing to go to the bathroom, suggests that they need to let go of some relationship that has ran its course.

The notion that they dream of bathroom stalls, which are often found in public, further indicate that they are concerned about how others might feel and how others will perceive and judge them. They are feeling ashamed and fear that the situation might get messy should they make their feelings known. They don't want to cause trouble and as a result keep things inside. 

Their emotions have been pent up for too long and hence the dreams recur until they are released or acknowledged. 








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