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Restroom Maze

I have different dreams almost every night, but in almost every dream I see a bathroom. Usually I'm at a school, University or work place, where there would be large public restrooms. In every dream, the restroom is almost always dark and wet and cave like. On more than one occasion, it has been like a maze in which I have to find my way out of the restroom. I never actually use the restroom, but I almost always find myself in one. 

This has been a reoccurring theme in my dreams for over 10 years now. Any ideas??

October 6, 2000

Hi Eirrac,

Your dream really shows a preoccupation with the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where natural functions occur; symbolically this includes the expression of your feelings/thoughts and your instinctual nature. Since our early learning about bathroom activities are usually taught by parents, it can reflect early training/conditioning, which you accept or rebel against. Therefore, the bathroom may bring about issues of control, rebellion, and independence. 

You described the bathroom as some sort of maze. This suggest that you are feeling confused and lost in your own sea of emotions. Are you experiencing some feelings or burdens and need to "relieve yourself"? You also mention how you never actually use the restroom. It seems like you are still keeping your feelings inside instead of expressing and releasing them. Recurring dreams often reoccur simply because the problem or situation at hand is never fully resolved.

Best Regards,







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