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Baby Animal

Dear Dream Moods.com,

I had this dream a few days ago and I was very puzzled by it. I was wondering if you could help me out and maybe tell me what it means. I would really appreciate it!

In the dream, I remember seeing this animal that looked... well, I can't remember exactly, but it was like a very cute monkey/cat. It was moving around and it looked at me, but I didn't really feel anything different until I saw it had a baby it was carrying. The baby looked at me and felt this strong love coming from it. I looked at her and I felt like she loved me already. It felt like we were best friends, even though she'd just met me. I remember identifying the animals to myself as raccoons, though they looked nothing really like that. 

Anyway, I found out this nice lady owned them, and I asked her if they were her pets. I could tell she was offended. Then I asked if she was planning on returning them to the wild. She said she didn't know. Then I ended up having to save them, and I was by myself. I saved them and they were in some kind of forest, and I remember seeing them, and to my surprise and delight, the "Babies" who were now older, remembered me , and were very happy to see me. I remember seeing that the mother had had another baby and, greeting that new baby. The mother liked me too, but somehow she had faded into the background from the first time I had met her in my dream. Also, I had loved the babies, and the mom, from the moment I had seen them.


Thanks for listening.
September 9, 2000

Hi Katie,

Animals in general represent some aspect of yourself, especially your instinctual and biological nature. It is said that both mothers AND fathers who are expecting the birth of their child often has dreams about animals. Since your dream focuses on this baby that the animal is carrying, it seems to suggest your deep sense of motherhood. You immediately feel this strong bond for the baby animal.

The baby animal thus symbolize something or someone you hold close to your heart, but have to let them go and set them free in the end. Your dream is trying to give you some reassurance. Even after you set the baby free, it will not forget you. You have to let them go and allow them to grow. Consider what this baby animal can represent in your life.

Best Regards,







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