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Kidnapped By Aliens

I had a dream that my family was replaced with a group of look-alike aliens. I saw that they were aliens, and my family tried to escape them, but I realized that my brother had been left behind in the haste. I went back to get him, but we were found and kidnapped. In the dream, my family was in one car and they were chasing the car that the aliens had kidnapped us in. I pushed my brother out of the door so that he would be able to escape. Then turned into a piece of paper floating down the highway.

September 7, 2000


Your dream seems to highlight the relationship you have with your family and in particular the relationship with your brother. It sounds like you are having trouble relating and communicating with your family. You may feel that your parents are not allowing to fully express yourself and perhaps even feel "alienated" by them. They may not be prepared to let you go and venture on your own. The aliens represent unfamiliar situations and/or unexplored relationships. Do you feel neglected? You may feel that the lack of communication is restricting your own growth and self-expression as depicted by the kidnapping.

There is no doubt that you care and love your brother, but there is a barrier or wall between the two of you. The most significant and oddest part of the dream is how your brother turns into a piece of paper. Paper serves as means for expression and communication, but it is somewhat limited in that it is unemotional and on an impersonal level. Then you mention how the paper ("your brother") floats down the highway, which suggest a missed opportunity to bound with your brother and has now passed you by.

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