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chase dreams    

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Alligator In Ostrich Suit

An alligator dressed as an ostrich was chasing me. It was a totally black surrounding no other colors or anything. Just me and the "thing". It seemed to go on forever. I woke up when I my husband fell out of bed laughing at me for trying to run in the bed.

October 28, 2000


Your dream sounds quite intense! Well chase dreams are quite common and often reflect a situation that you are afraid in confronting. In fact, you are avoiding this issue so much so that you have the threatening alligator dressed up as a docile non-threatening ostrich. Ostrich as a symbol suggest denial and your unwillingness to accept a situation. Ostrich buries its head in the sand. You may prefer to be in the dark about some things. What is under this "ostrich suit" is what you are really running from. The alligator symbolizes your hidden instincts, repressed anger and destructive feelings. The black surroundings of your dream contribute to your unconscious state of mind and not wanting to see the situation.

Consider also how the ostrich and alligator represent components or aspects of your own self. On the surface, as the ostrich, you may be denying that there is anything wrong. This may be how you portray yourself to others. You always put on a happy face and deny that you have any problems. However, the alligator inside of you, indicates otherwise. There is an apparent problem which you are not admitting to and which you are running from.

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