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chase dreams                 


Godzilla In Kmart

I have had a reoccurring chase dream for over 15 years. I am being chased by Godzilla through a K-Mart store and everywhere I try to hide the blue light goes on. On one occasion it was chasing me near my home on a lake. Please give me an idea of what this means so that I can put it in its proper perspective.

Mary R.
July 10, 2000

Dear Mary,

Chase dreams often stem from anxiety that you are experiencing in your waking life. You are running away and trying to hide from this Godzilla character. Chase dreams may represent your way of coping with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, you are running away and avoiding it. The notion that this dream has recurred over a period of 15 years suggests that you may be experiencing some anxiety in your waking life at around the time that these dreams appear.

Now comes to the question of what Godzilla means and represents to you. Do you have any particular associations towards Godzilla, say from childhood or otherwise? On a more broader and general level, Godzilla invokes the image of an oversized beast stomping, flattening, and destroying everything in its path. You may feel that a situation in your waking life is trying to run you over or that you are walking on shaky ground. You may be going through a situation that is out of your control and you do not want to face.

Interestingly, your dream takes place in Kmart - a store where you can buy a wide variety of products from food to household item to clothes to health products . Ask yourself what you wanted to buy at Kmart in the dream. Each time the dream has recurred, you may have gone to buy different things. This is a clue as to what kind of situation you are trying to run from. For example, if you went to buy cleaners or detergent, then it suggests that the situation at hand is a domestic problem. Or if you wanted to buy shampoo or make-up, then this implies that you are running away or not willing to confront a relationship problem.

No matter where you hide or where you run, Godzilla seems to find you. The blue light flashes drawing attention to your hiding place. The blue light may represent your sense of hopelessness in the situation. On the particular occasion that Godzilla was chasing you at your home, suggests that you may have been experiencing a circumstance or problem that was particularly invasive and leading to some sort of strife in your domestic sphere.

In conclusion, this dream may be telling you that it is best to confront your problems instead of trying to avoid them. There is no used in hiding from them because the problem will eventually catch up to you.

Best Regards,





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