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chase dreams                 


A Vagrant Is Chasing Me

For the past week, I have been having this dream that I am being chased through a mall by a vagrant. No matter how hard I try to get away from him, I always fall down. As I lie there on the floor, the vagrant starts to urinate on me. Then I wake up. Please help me understand this so I can move on.

Thank you!
April 8, 2000

Hi Karrah,

The vagrant in your dream is someone whom you feel either disgust and are trying to reject from your life. There is definitely some strong hostile feeling towards this person. You may also consider the vagrant character as some aspect of your own personality. Perhaps you are feeling angry at yourself.

The image of the vagrant urinating on you is a literal pun of the phrase "pissing on someone". Again this points to some sort of hostility and pent-up anger which you have not confronted. In fact, you are running away from it and refusing to deal with the issue.

Best Regards,





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