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chase dreams                 


Crocodile Chase

I have this dream at least once a month and it is set in different places each time. Like one month, it will be in hot nice weather out in the open and the next month, it will be in dark gloomy weather in a swamp. Sometimes I'm chased indoors, in public buildings or in houses. What am I being chased by, you ask? It's either a crocodile or an alligator. I have not been caught by him because I wake up before he has a chance to.

December 10, 2000


As you may be aware of, chase dreams are quite common and often reflect a situation that you are afraid in confronting. The crocodile most likely symbolizes your hidden instincts, repressed anger and destructive feelings. Another way to view this dream may be your feelings toward some situation or perhaps even a relationship in which you feel suffocated or that is eating you up inside.

The varying surroundings and settings that your chase dreams take place is a clue to your state of mind and reflects what you may be really feeling in your waking life. Houses and buildings typically represents the Self. Consider the type of building and condition/part of the house to guide you which aspect of yourself may be neglected or in conflict. For example, the bedroom may indicate a neglected relationship or a relationship in jeopardy. Swamps represents some emotional turmoil and confusion that you may be feeling. Being chased in the wide open field in nice, pleasant weather suggests that you may be feeling happy at the time. But deep inside you still have not deal with some lingering problem/feeling that is continually chasing you even through what appears to be happy carefree times. It's a situation that will not go away and should be confronted.

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