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chase dreams                 



Okay here is my dream:

I am walking down a tarred road. The houses are very, very small and close together. I am with my friend and all of a sudden someone in a car is shooting at us. We know that if we can make it to the house directly on the end of the street we will be safe. We start running. 

All of a sudden, my friend's brother drives by on the street we are on and he sees us. He quickly slams on the brakes and jumps out of the car. He looked really afraid for us. Then he jumps in the truck and drives down to us. We are just about to pull up to the house when Mike (one of my parent's friends) comes out and brings us in. 

The inside of the house is the size of a mansion, even though on the outside it as is small as the other houses. We decide that the only way my friend and I will be safe is to go to Italy with her brothers to college. 

The brother who drove us to Mike's house writes up tickets and information for the four of us. In purple crayon, he writes "Registration" across the top of the paper. He draws a line and writes something else and then draws another line and something else. Underneath there is some writing in pencil. Then in Green crayon, he writes $95.00. After he finishes, he tells me to copy it exactly the way he did. Meanwhile, my friend is watching the news on T.V. I can only write the parts in pencil successfully; I can't get the crayons to work correctly. He does that part for me. 

I go to the window and see the people who were shooting at us looking around for us like crazy. They are in a black convertible. To my right, I look and see a huge ornate entertainment center, but it looks like a church organ. 

We have to leave immediately. We go to a mall to get some things we need. We come up an escalator and see the shooters. We jump over a desk in Barnes & Noble in order to escape. They are now in the store. I don't know if the others have seen them yet. I run from them, but they corner me. One of the men was a midget. 

They take me by gunpoint to a girl standing in the middle of a round table covered with books. She says to me, "Show me the mark." I said nothing. She continues, "If you're part of Black 75, then there will be a mark on your stomach." I raise my voice to a higher pitch.

Suddenly I am wearing a wedding dress with long white gloves. I lift a hand to my face and say, "That's unlady-like. If you bring me to the ladies room, I'll show you." 

I was planning to escape when she took me. "Show me now," she says. "No that's unlady-like," I replied. 

So she takes me, we are going up an escalator alone, I look behind me and suddenly there is a guy their looking really afraid. I said to him, "You love her don't you," he nods, "Don't worry I won't hurt her," I say, "I know how it feels," he smiles, "It's that funny ache in your stomach, " I say as I put my hand over my stomach. He only smiles. I look to his right and see my friend's brother walking free from the people and holding their gun. I look up and now the woman in front of me is wearing a wedding dress. We get off the escalator. Behind me one of the men with guns pushes two girls into a store and pulls down the chains to lock the store. Then leads Mike and my friend and some other person (I don't remember clearly) they are being pushed at gunpoint. I am in front of them, being lead by the woman. I turned around and smiled to reassure them that I had a plan that would work. Then I turned back around toward the woman and held my head high.

November 13, 2000


From your dream it is apparent that you are going through a stressful period in your waking life. You are going through a new stage in your life where you feel unsure of yourself and where you belong. You mention in particular how the houses appear small from the outside. But when you went into one of the houses, you discover that it is the size of a mansion. This imagery symbolizes your undertaking of new roles and developing new strengths. You are expanding and exploring your emotions. Perhaps this is what you are initially really running from.

I am curious to know what your relationship with your friend's brother is. He seems to come to the rescue for you at various times during the dream and you seem to look onto him for reassurance and strength.

Consider also how the characters in your dream are similar to your own self. Put yourself in the place of another character in your dream and try to see the dream from their point of view. You see, all the characters in our dreams are often times just different parts of ourselves.

Towards the conclusion of your dream, you seem to be more self-assured and confident. You walk away with the utmost satisfaction when you realized how much in love the guy was with the girl. Your initial impression of this girl was negative. However, you come to accept her. The surreal image of you wearing a wedding dress symbolizes purity, love, and acceptance. When the girl is suddenly in your wedding dress, it represents a transfer of that love and acceptance. This also symbolizes your approval of the relationship.

Now you will have to ask yourself who these characters in your dream are. Who is this girl? The guy? The people chasing after you? Consider what kind of situation in your waking life invokes these similar feelings as your dreams. Dreams are simply ways for us to confront our emotions in a non-direct way.

Best Regards,





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